Can an exploration of the wild reveal an unknown resiliency within the city? How do memories of architectural fabric emerge through found material in a disorienting context? What does it look like to recreate the familiar using the fragments of a bewildered-state?

The Wilderness Urbanisms studio fosters the design of comprehensive architectural projects for a synthetic new world condition.


An initial foray concludes with each student proposing an urban intervention in a newly cultivated fabric. Site selection is guided by accessibility, intuition, and analysis. This method of interpretation aims to release each intellect into the wild – while our bodies remain in the safe space of a Boston classroom. Before the end, disparate scales (city, house, and detail) meet in a building for an urban bricoleur.


Questions arise and challenge us to grapple with the nuts and bolts of real constructable space. How can architecture act as an interface for the informed urban dweller?


By approaching Boston as a laboratory and obscuring the accustomed views, students discover generic urban qualities and, by this, operate in a global context with a heightened sensitivity to ecological constraints. These skills constitute the new metrics for manipulating our wildered reality; skills for translating complexity into new spatial configurations.

...or perhaps it wanted to be oriented more like this?   Or both in its next incarnation?

Here, projection and production weave the physical and virtual – and wild sensibilities finally test the limits of creativity.


Understanding the city as a complex fabric ultimately reveals the inherent resiliency of its inhabitants: individuals whose lives and routines are interwoven with the architecture of the city.



The body and the spirit of architecture are two things that march together and follow one after the other: one is now at its full height, but the other is in a difficult state of retrogression.

building section UPDATED2



Site plan with contours ver2


The body is sensational; indulging in all the whims and splendors of fashion.  The spirit of architecture awakes profound echoes in us.  It determines the various movements of our heart and of our understanding.  While a great epoch has ended, the late spirit remains.
Plans Sections Elevations


Detail Drawing


out, in, then back to the #wildurbs

7. detail


6. Section Building

Our eyes are unaware.  We must revise our appetites to discern between the difficult and the deficient.  Beware the dissonance between accepted values and faith.

4. Floorplan building

1. siteplan


There are spiritual subjects and there is a spiritual object.

Final Wild Site

Site Model Site Sectons Building Plan

section model Detail

site model

final plan - cityfinal section - citybldg modelbldg plan


detail model detail - final   perspectivescreen shot

photo 1

...Claret ponders the now.

…Claret ponders the now.

...collage.  Love.

…collage. Love.

Interiors Continuation of in-class detailing.  Interested in the ambiguity between wall and floor interoperability.  Does a sliding floor affect wall or vice versa?model view 2 renderdetail3 screenshot4 render3 IMG_3385 render6



House For A Soul from Lucca Townsend on Vimeo.







zoomed siteV2





Plan showing twist from horizontally-extruded urban fabric to vertically.



process - section




Week 4 Site Model v2 B



printed model

image week1 image1jpg


Storyboard 2


…or perhaps it wanted to be oriented more like this? Or both in its next incarnation?

Week 7 Plan

Sacred Original House Plan.

Sacred Original House Plan.

Sacred Original House Section.

Sacred Original House Section.

week8 model






“The late style is the intransigence, difficulty, and unresolved contradiction that crowns a lifetime of aesthetic endeavor.  A nonharmonious, non-serene tension, and above all, a sort of deliberately unproductive productiveness going against.  A moment when the artist who is fully in command of her medium nevertheless abandons communication with the established social order of which she is a part and achieves a contradictory, alienated relationship with it.  Her late works constitute a sort of exile.  Late style is what happens if art does not abdicate its rights in favor of reality.  Impending death is there, of course, and cannot be denied.” (Edward Said, On Late Style) 

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